Hi my name is Mark. I’m 54 years young. I’m a husband and a father of two great kids I’m a plumber and love my job.

In the beginning I didn’t know what I had. Doctors just fobbed me off for years. Then after I moved from the U.K to Australia I got a new doctor who did tests and I was subsequently diagnosed with lupus four years ago. But I probably had it for years!

My journey so far is that I used to be a good athlete to a good standard. Even at the age of 45 I made the World Masters and could still beat most 20year olds.

Then it all went wrong and I couldn’t do it anymore. My body hurt badly, my insides hurt, I couldn’t breathe. It was shocking how I went from fit to this.

I was lucky I got to go to one of the best specialist that there is anywhere in the world. We have trialled lots of meds now but not with great results. Then last year I was put on a new drug as my blood and liver/kidneys have reached a not so good level.

My main challenges are to wake up and do a 12 hour day on a building site in this heat .I won’t give in to lupus, that’s the easy way. I will fight to do what I want for as long as I’m able to.

Current status – Still fighting

Lessons learned – Life is precious

Motto for living with lupus – Don’t give up

Favourite Quote – Always look on the bright side of life!