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The Lupus Group of WA was formed in 1979 as a voluntary non-profit organisation, and became incorporated in 1986. The Group is self-funded (receiving no state or federal funding) and thus relies heavily on memberships, donations and fundraising.

The Group was formed largely out of a desperate need for education and knowledge of lupus, as at that time very little information was readily available. Also, there was a need to develop a forum whereby problems and common issues could be readily discussed.

Formation of the Group has allowed services to be developed over the years to provide support and information to people with lupus, their families, carers and doctors, in the way of self-help support groups, educational material through newsletters, library resources, fact sheets, booklets, and the provision of seminars by medical and health professionals.

The Group continues to provide support and education to people with lupus, their carers and the medical profession, while promoting in the broader community an understanding of lupus and its impact on those directly and indirectly involved.

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